Baltimore Bike Share

The City of Baltimore is pleased to introduce Baltimore Bike Share as the City’s newest and most innovative form of public transportation. Launched in 2016, the Baltimore Bike Share system is the largest Pedelec (electric-assist) bicycle fleet in North America and is a leader in active transportation by offering both Pedelec and traditional options for residents and visitors to explore the City. Baltimore Bike Share is available 24/7 and is perfect for errands, commuting, or recreation.


The City of Baltimore has partnered with Bewegen Technologies to offer the most fun and easy bike share system available. Marked with a lightning bolt decal, the Pedelec bikes act like a regular bike and don’t have any complicated gears or buttons to learn. Just simply begin pedaling and the bike will provide an extra boost to get you moving and up Baltimore’s hilly terrain – all without breaking a sweat! For those looking for a more traditional ride, Baltimore Bike Share also has standard 8-gear bicycles available at every station. Whether on a Pedelec or standard bike, you can’t help but smile as you ride around the City like never before.


Going for a ride is simple – with a dense network of 50 stations and hundreds of bikes, riders can register for a Single-Trip or Monthly Pass on the website, App, or station kiosk and be riding within minutes. Try one out today!